Lots of students are worried about the new tuition fees and do not know what to do for the best. There has also been a drop in applications to universities.


   “Since the changes to tuition fees were announced, my day to day job has largely been dominated with questions about student finance. As a Higher Education Adviser, I’m here to help and provide guidance on all aspects of university life and the choices students make, but discussions about the cost and how to pay for it are most prevalent. Many students are keen to explore all of their options and make sure they are making the right decision about their future, especially given the increased higher cost.

A lot of the students I speak to have already done their research into student finance, and have a basic idea as to the amount they will be entitled to, how the system works and what happens when it comes to paying it back. There is obviously still a job to do though, as the research to mark the second annual Student Finance Day showed that 60% of prospective students have a ‘worrying ……..more”


The best thing to remember is that tuition fees are not like an ordinary loan that you have to pay back. You do not need to pay anything until you are earning £21,000 and then the amount is quite small. Some people will never pay their loan back at all.