I heard a very disturbing story on Five Live this morning about a website and someone who is offering to pay University Fees for sex.

Apparently, women have to meet an assessor to discuss what they would be willing to do to go on this register and then meet men. Then would you believe they have to go to an apartment with this so called assessor and act out with him the things they had offered to do.

It’s not really acting, it is actually doing.

Whether this is a one man scam or there is a group of well off men who are willing to pay fees for sex we do not know at this time.

Obviously any women should give schemes like this a wide berth.

It should be obvious to all students by now that although university fees have increased it is NOT a debt in the normal sense of the word.

You are not going to have a debt collector knocking on the door saying that you are in debt and we want the money paying back NOW.

It is only when you are paid more than £21,000 that you have to pay a small monthly payment over years in fact. If you are paid more than £21,000 then the mionthly payment will increase but it is never going to be a big deal.

Most people will never actually pay the loan back, some people who never earn more than £21,000 will never pay anything back.

After 30 years the loan is cancelled!

It can never be justified for anybody going into the sex industry just to pay off the loan whether it is as an escort, pole dancing, stripping or as a prostitute. It is a stupid thing to do.

So, think carefully before taking action – you could pay with your life.