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The University of Dundee will share in a £12 million investment in creative engineering research projects targetting at advances in healthcare.

Researchers are planning a new book, and a series of events, to commemorate the centenary of the death of Mary Lily Walker. Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, an academic at the University of Dundee specialising in parent-infant communication, admits that Mary Lily Walker’s name is largely unknown.

University of Liverpool

A study by the University of Liverpool has found that celebrity endorsement of a food product encourages children to eat more of the endorsed product. It also found that children were prompted to eat more of the endorsed product when they saw the celebrity on TV in a different context.

Celebrity endorsement is an effective method of creating value, recognition and credibility for a brand, and celebrities are frequently used in television advertising to induce children to try foods. An example of this is former England international soccer player Gary Lineker, now principally a TV sports presenter, who has been endorsing Walker’s Crisps since 1995.”

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Lancaster University

​Ever wondered how the scientists at CERN found the Higgs boson?

Visitors at this year’s Big Bang Science Fair will get the opportunity to find out more with a new interactive particle pin ball machine that attempts to replicate some of the great work taking place by Physics staff at Lancaster University.

A team of staff and students from the Faculty of Science and Technology at Lancaster will soon be heading down to London to enthuse and engage with thousands of visitors as part of the Big Bang Science Fair 2013.

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