Italy is slammed in this report from a Manchester University researcher because of the conditions migrant workers are faced with because of the fashion industry. Italy has been conemned in the past for these migrant workers but nothing has changed.

Obviously the Italian Government says it is ok for illegal immigrants to exist if it is helping the economy.

“The appalling conditions of up to 25,000 migrant clothes workers and their families in central northern Italy can be blamed on the fashion industry, according to a University of Manchester researcher.

Dr Jerónimo Montero says the state authorities are more concerned about Italy’s economic problems than the conditions of the workers – mostly trafficked from China and employed by hundreds of subcontractors.

Locked up for months, working up to 17 hours a day, sleeping where they work and earning as little as £240 a month, the workers produce clothing for well known brands available on the British High Street, and for high end fashion houses, says Dr Montero.

“The conditions are horrendous. But if that isn’t enough, one labour inspector told me that with the little money they earned,  the workers had to pay-off the costs of being trafficked into Italy,” he said.

“It takes up to four years to pay off the debt, and only then are they free to leave these awful places.”

Though Dr Montero’s research was carried out five years ago, he believes that there is no evidence of change.

His research includes interviews with business leaders, union leaders and other officials in Prato and Tuscany, revealing another side to the renowned ‘made in Italy’ label.

He said: “Over recent years, Italy has been repeatedly condemned by the EU and the International Labor Organization for the way it treats migrant workers. But little has changed.

“I urge the state to comply with international protocols that protect victims of trafficking, rather than deport them.

“My research reveals that the exploitation of workers like those in Prato is how the fashion industry maintains……….read the rest of the story here:

The UK should get out of the EU now before we are dragged down the path to oblivion. The 50 million we pay every day should help us to create better conditions here.

There is something not quite right about the EU when no accounts have been cleared for the last 15 years because there is probably so much fiddling that they don’t want us to find where the money is going.

UK out of Europe NOW!