Can You Succeed in Law Without Going to University?


Jon Gregson


Yes you can. Law has traditionally been seen as a career path only accessible via the conventional University route, but that is changing. In 2013 one of the most exciting and dynamic changes for our business wasn’t just a merger or new senior management but a new approach to recruitment with the appointment of the first Level 4 Legal Apprentice in the UK.

Having left school with three As at A-Level but not attracted to a typical undergraduate education, our apprentice Jordan, clearly had the intellectual ability to study law but needed the opportunity to decide whether practising the subject was right for him.

That opportunity provided itself through our training partner Damar Training and their quest to identify our potential apprentices.

The University of Bath has announced the appointment of Professor Jonathan Knight as Associate Dean (Research for the Faculty of Science……In this role Professor Knight will support the Dean of Science.


Professor Knight, Head of our Department of Physics and member of our Centre for Photonics and Photonic Materials, will be responsible for promoting and coordinating research and Knowledge Transfer activity within the Faculty.

In this role, Professor Knight will support the Dean of Science by acting as a point of contact between senior management and academic researchers across the Faculty, identifying new ways of doing research, sharing ideas and setting up collaborations between researchers from different departments.

Professor Knight said: “Academics can often get caught in the trap of working in separate silos, when their research could really benefit from ideas and input from researchers working in different areas of expertise.


Read more here…..


Dr Emily Rayfield of the University of Bristol and PhD student Stephan Lautenschlager of the University of Bristol who were part of an international team of scintists have been looking into the heads of Dinosaurs with interesting results.

They had a close look into the head of the plant eating therizinosau which lived 90 million years ago. They used  high resolution CT scanning and 3D computer visualisation in their quest to find out more……..


Therizinosaurs are an unusual group of theropod dinosaurs which lived between 145 and 66 million years ago.  Members of this group had evolved into up to 7m (23ft) large animals, with more than 50cm (20in) long, razor-sharp claws on their forelimbs, elongated necks and a coat of primitive, down-like feathers along their bodies.  Although closely related to carnivorous dinosaurs such as Tyrannosaurus rex and Velociraptor, and in spite of their bizarre appearance, therizinosaurs were probably peaceful herbivores.

Inspired by this paradox, the international team of palaeontologists decided to take the first close look inside the heads of these enigmatic dinosaurs.

They studied the brain and inner ear anatomy of therizinosaurs using high-resolution CT scanning and 3D computer visualisation to find out more about their sensory and cognitive capabilities and how these had evolved with the transition from meat- to plant-eating.

The focus of the study was the skull of Erlikosaurus andrewsi – a 3-4m (10-13ft) therizinosaur, which lived more than 90 million years ago in what is now Mongolia.

Read more here……..


Catch up with all the details and the important ramifications in the understanding of different dinosaur groups at the link above.

Sir Ian Wrigglesworth and Harry Pearson  have received honorary degrees  from Teesside University. Also on the list of past recipients is Paul Rogers of the pop group Free.

Sir Ian from Stockton was an MP from 1974 to 1981 received a Doctor of Business Administration and Harry Pearson a writer and leading figure in North East politics received a Doctor of Letters.


Harry, who grew up in Middlesbrough but now lives near Hexham in Northumberland, is to become a Doctor of Letters.

Best known for his book about North East football, The Far Corner, Harry has also written about cricket, rural life and the North East. His latest book has recently been serialised in The Journal.

He said: “I am very pleased and surprised to be receiving this honorary degree. I’ve never been to university, so it was my only chance of getting a degree!

“I’ve actually had a look through the list of others who have received them. I noticed Paul Rodgers of rock band Free also received one. Everyone else on the list has contributed to society, I’ve just messed around, so it’s nice.”

Sir Ian, who is originally from Stockton and served as an MP on Teesside from 1974 to 1981, will be receiving a Doctor of Business Administration.

After leaving Parliament, Sir Ian held a number of prominent roles including the founder chairman of the Newcastle Gateshead Initiative, chairman of the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, deputy chairman of the Regional Growth Fund and chairman of Port of Tyne.

He said: “I am delighted to be receiving this, I am thrilled to bits to have a degree in my home area.

“I was a student in Teesside and worked in Middlesbrough. It is nice to be recognised at home.”

Sir Ian and Harry Pearson were just two of eight people who received honarary degrees.


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I heard a very disturbing story on Five Live this morning about a website and someone who is offering to pay University Fees for sex.

Apparently, women have to meet an assessor to discuss what they would be willing to do to go on this register and then meet men. Then would you believe they have to go to an apartment with this so called assessor and act out with him the things they had offered to do.

It’s not really acting, it is actually doing.

Whether this is a one man scam or there is a group of well off men who are willing to pay fees for sex we do not know at this time.

Obviously any women should give schemes like this a wide berth.

It should be obvious to all students by now that although university fees have increased it is NOT a debt in the normal sense of the word.

You are not going to have a debt collector knocking on the door saying that you are in debt and we want the money paying back NOW.

It is only when you are paid more than £21,000 that you have to pay a small monthly payment over years in fact. If you are paid more than £21,000 then the mionthly payment will increase but it is never going to be a big deal.

Most people will never actually pay the loan back, some people who never earn more than £21,000 will never pay anything back.

After 30 years the loan is cancelled!

It can never be justified for anybody going into the sex industry just to pay off the loan whether it is as an escort, pole dancing, stripping or as a prostitute. It is a stupid thing to do.

So, think carefully before taking action – you could pay with your life.

10,000 students are expected on the streets of London today protesting against tuition fees and youth unemployment. This event is the first student protest since demonstrations in 2010 where there were a number of arrests and complaints about kettling.

Some students say that they are going to be tens of thousands of pounds in debt before they graduate. This is not strictly true because it is not a debt. You are not going to have somebody knocking on the door saying you are in debt and we want it paid straight away. A small monthly amount is paid when the person earns around £21,000 but if, for some reason the person never woks at all the loan is never paid back.

Perhaps rather than blaming Nick Clegg for all the problems it would be better to look back in history at what a previous Government did by making it easier for students to go to university without thinking of the cost in the future. We now know that they didn’t think about much financially apart from how much they could borrow and leave a message saying – there is no money left. Great, don’t you think Gordon?

It seems that the bizzare technique of adding liquid nitrogen to drinks in bars will be stopped due to new advice that it could be dangerous to some people and this has been demonstrated by the 16 year old in Lancaster who had part of her stomach removed after drinking one such drink


“Professor Peter Barham from the University of Bristol’s School of Physics has provided expert comment to The Daily Telegraph, the Huffington Post, CBS News, The Independent, the Daily Mirror, the Daily Mail, Sky, about the effects of liquid nitrogen. The commentary is in light of today’s news story about a sixth form pupil who had her stomach removed following an adverse reaction to liquid nitrogen.

Professor Barham said: “Liquid nitrogen is simply the harmless gas nitrogen which has been cooled to such a low temperature that it becomes a liquid. It is intensely cold – (-196°C) and if not used properly can cause frostbite or cryogenic burns. If liquid nitrogen is added to a liquid such as an ice cream mixture, it cools the liquid rapidly while it boils away and produces a cloud of vapour.

“The technique is used by some restaurants to prepare instant ice creams at the table – the rapid freezing produces an ice cream with particularly small ice crystals which has a very smooth texture.

“As with any very hot or very cold liquid proper safety measure must be taken – just as no-one would drink boiling water or oil or pour it over themselves, so no-one should……”  Read the rest of the story here…


So the best advice you can have is keep well away from drinks with liquid nitrogen added because that is the only way you can guarantee that no harm is going to come to you.


Italy is slammed in this report from a Manchester University researcher because of the conditions migrant workers are faced with because of the fashion industry. Italy has been conemned in the past for these migrant workers but nothing has changed.

Obviously the Italian Government says it is ok for illegal immigrants to exist if it is helping the economy.

“The appalling conditions of up to 25,000 migrant clothes workers and their families in central northern Italy can be blamed on the fashion industry, according to a University of Manchester researcher.

Dr Jerónimo Montero says the state authorities are more concerned about Italy’s economic problems than the conditions of the workers – mostly trafficked from China and employed by hundreds of subcontractors.

Locked up for months, working up to 17 hours a day, sleeping where they work and earning as little as £240 a month, the workers produce clothing for well known brands available on the British High Street, and for high end fashion houses, says Dr Montero.

“The conditions are horrendous. But if that isn’t enough, one labour inspector told me that with the little money they earned,  the workers had to pay-off the costs of being trafficked into Italy,” he said.

“It takes up to four years to pay off the debt, and only then are they free to leave these awful places.”

Though Dr Montero’s research was carried out five years ago, he believes that there is no evidence of change.

His research includes interviews with business leaders, union leaders and other officials in Prato and Tuscany, revealing another side to the renowned ‘made in Italy’ label.

He said: “Over recent years, Italy has been repeatedly condemned by the EU and the International Labor Organization for the way it treats migrant workers. But little has changed.

“I urge the state to comply with international protocols that protect victims of trafficking, rather than deport them.

“My research reveals that the exploitation of workers like those in Prato is how the fashion industry maintains……….read the rest of the story here:

The UK should get out of the EU now before we are dragged down the path to oblivion. The 50 million we pay every day should help us to create better conditions here.

There is something not quite right about the EU when no accounts have been cleared for the last 15 years because there is probably so much fiddling that they don’t want us to find where the money is going.

UK out of Europe NOW!