Bass guitarist Jah Wobble late of  Public Image in the 70s and 80s visited the University Of Northampton on Wednesday afternoon in the Maidwell Theatre where the walls were shaking. This was part of Subject Futures Week.

Some people will have heard him recently on Radio Five Live with Dotun Adebayo on Up All Night.

Jah Wobble was the original bass player in Public Image Ltd (PiL) in the late 1970s and early 1980s before leaving to pursue a solo career.


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Police are still looking for missing student Megan Roberts who disappeared last weekend after a night out in York.

They are concentrating their search on the River Ouse searching from Lendal Bridge in York to the Naburn area downstream of the city. Police are thinking that she entered the river after being out with friends drinking for a few hours.

Police divers searching for a missing student are using specialist sonar equipment along a stretch of river in York.

North Yorkshire Police say it is likely Megan Roberts, 20, entered the River Ouse while “affected by alcohol”.

Miss Roberts was last seen near Lendal Bridge on Thursday, 23 January.

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Can You Succeed in Law Without Going to University?


Jon Gregson


Yes you can. Law has traditionally been seen as a career path only accessible via the conventional University route, but that is changing. In 2013 one of the most exciting and dynamic changes for our business wasn’t just a merger or new senior management but a new approach to recruitment with the appointment of the first Level 4 Legal Apprentice in the UK.

Having left school with three As at A-Level but not attracted to a typical undergraduate education, our apprentice Jordan, clearly had the intellectual ability to study law but needed the opportunity to decide whether practising the subject was right for him.

That opportunity provided itself through our training partner Damar Training and their quest to identify our potential apprentices.

Aberystwyth Flood Volunteers – Uni’s Bacon Rolls!

A clean-up operation is underway following severe storms across Wales. People in Aberystwyth were evacuated Monday as winds of up to 70 miles per hour were forecast. Damage caused by the storms could cost millions to repair.


Aberystwyth’s seafront on Friday Credit: Paul Callan

Students from Aberystwyth University have been keeping volunteers’ energy levels up with a steady stream of hot drinks and bacon rolls. The prom is being cleared of debris washed ashore by the recent severe weather.







A recent world university league table reported just seven uk universities ranked in the world top 100.

Cambridge, Oxford, University College London, Imperial College London, Edinburgh, Manchester University and Kings College London were the seven in the in the league compiled by the Centre for World University Rankings in Saudi Arabia.

Oxford University

The top 50 were dominated by US universities with just two UK unis in the  top ten and in the top 50.

Just seven higher education institutions in England and Scotland have ranked in the top 100 of a newly released world university league table.

Of those, Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, University College London (UCL) and Edinburgh were the only British universities to feature in the top 50, in a league table dominated by US institutions.

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Cambridge University



An event at University College London caused upset by the usual suspects who seem to be sensitive about most normal things in life.

Apparently the event run by the Islamic Education and Research Academy was segregated. Now some Muslim women students were upset at this segregation while others, for some reason thought it was a good thing. It can never be good for people to think segregation of this kind to be good, especially when in the UK. It just makes these people look like second class citizens who cannot think for themselves and have to act like sheep probably through family pressures over the years.

One student said that she wished she had crossed over and sat in the men’s section. That would have been a big step and perhaps next time at any similar university event forced segregation should be banned.

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“The day before the event, we got an email to say it was segregated and we were very shocked,” says Razana Abdul, a Muslim student, who is at university in London. She’s speaking about an event at University College Londonin March, run by an organisation called the Islamic Education and Research Academy (IERA).”I wanted to sit with my boyfriend. And there was a man ushering men to the men’s side and a woman ushering women to the women’s side.” She was upset by the experience. “It was gender apartheid,” she says.

Universities are struggling with the ethical dilemma of how far they can or should intervene to prevent distress caused by such situations. How can a university’s equality and diversity policy be enforced at events where some audience members want to sit only with their own gender and others wish to exercise their right to sit wherever they want?

The University of Bath is to develop a research park in Swindon – the Department of Architecture  and Civil Engineering is developing the site at Wroughton airfield so that researchers and construction companies can develop and explore innovative building materials. The research park is going to be called the HIVE.


“The park will be situated on Science Museum land at Wroughton airfield, and the project is being led by Dr Mike Lawrence from the University’s BRE Centre for Innovative Construction Materials.

The first project being developed at the research park is a £1m ground-breaking building called the HIVE, funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). This building will allow researchers to study low carbon, low impact construction materials which could be used to make a real difference to the future of construction both in the UK and worldwide.

Dr Lawrence said: “Laboratory research has identified the potential to use renewable natural materials in construction. Experimentation and study using HIVE is an essential stage in understanding just how these materials will perform in the real world, and how best to use them in novel low impact construction technologies.

“The HIVE will provide space for this fundamental research to be carried out. Bath researchers will use the facility for their work in this and other areas of innovative construction technology. In addition, it will be available to researchers around the country and overseas to follow their own lines of enquiry, making the HIVE a global centre for research into low impact construction.”


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Latest University News

The University of Dundee will share in a £12 million investment in creative engineering research projects targetting at advances in healthcare.

Researchers are planning a new book, and a series of events, to commemorate the centenary of the death of Mary Lily Walker. Dr Suzanne Zeedyk, an academic at the University of Dundee specialising in parent-infant communication, admits that Mary Lily Walker’s name is largely unknown.

University of Liverpool

A study by the University of Liverpool has found that celebrity endorsement of a food product encourages children to eat more of the endorsed product. It also found that children were prompted to eat more of the endorsed product when they saw the celebrity on TV in a different context.

Celebrity endorsement is an effective method of creating value, recognition and credibility for a brand, and celebrities are frequently used in television advertising to induce children to try foods. An example of this is former England international soccer player Gary Lineker, now principally a TV sports presenter, who has been endorsing Walker’s Crisps since 1995.”

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Lancaster University

​Ever wondered how the scientists at CERN found the Higgs boson?

Visitors at this year’s Big Bang Science Fair will get the opportunity to find out more with a new interactive particle pin ball machine that attempts to replicate some of the great work taking place by Physics staff at Lancaster University.

A team of staff and students from the Faculty of Science and Technology at Lancaster will soon be heading down to London to enthuse and engage with thousands of visitors as part of the Big Bang Science Fair 2013.

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