It has been reported that there are 50,000 fewer students applying for university since the tuition fees jumped to £9,000 per year. This has happened in the last twelve months.

Obviously the big rise in fees have seen this drop by 8.9 per cent for courses that start in the autumn. Tuition fees are the highest in England and this means a drop of 10 per cent ion applications.

These figures are from students who submitted applications before the end of June deadline. after this date students have to rely on clearing in the hope of a place.

Students in England now have to take on more debt than any other country in the world. Although at the moment there seems to be no relative decrease in applicants from less advantaged families it is probably too early to say for sure.

Scottish students are luckier because those who attend Scottish Unis do not pay fees. Welsh students and students from Northern Ireland who attend UK institutions have their fees capped at £3,465.