10,000 students are expected on the streets of London today protesting against tuition fees and youth unemployment. This event is the first student protest since demonstrations in 2010 where there were a number of arrests and complaints about kettling.

Some students say that they are going to be tens of thousands of pounds in debt before they graduate. This is not strictly true because it is not a debt. You are not going to have somebody knocking on the door saying you are in debt and we want it paid straight away. A small monthly amount is paid when the person earns around £21,000 but if, for some reason the person never woks at all the loan is never paid back.

Perhaps rather than blaming Nick Clegg for all the problems it would be better to look back in history at what a previous Government did by making it easier for students to go to university without thinking of the cost in the future. We now know that they didn’t think about much financially apart from how much they could borrow and leave a message saying – there is no money left. Great, don’t you think Gordon?